– How did you pass the covid period with your national squad?

It was hard on the team, there were some who got distanced from Korfball and just started coming back, while others took it well as a rest and now they have extra motivation. 

It has been a while since the last big tournament, has your squad and/or staff changed over time?

Our team has many changes in squad and staff as well. We hired a new manager and the active part of the squad has changed, we have many young players in our senior team, who are new to this level. 

What is your teams’ ambition for the EKC?

We were expecting to play great games in the EKC-A and show that we deserve to be  in the top 8 teams of europe. Sadly our team has big losses so we are weaker, and we have found out that there are bigger things at stake which are really not good for us. For us now the biggest goal is to stay in the top 8. 

Are you familiar with Antwerp, the host city of the EKC?

No, we don’t really know anything about the town, but we are open to it. We’d like to explore it and see some sights. 

Any other information you would like to share with the korfball supporters?

Our handful team is excited for this challenge and can’t wait to play on this international scene. 

2 – Mira Kiss
3 – Júlia Pauly Fanni
4 – Noémi Tóth
7 – Csilla Tamara Bellusz
8 – Jázmyn Mezey
9 – Luca Sáfrán Csenge
18 – Gerda Denise Petz

10 – Viktor Bellusz
11 – Zsolt Majer
12 – Kristóf Ohlmann
13 – Dani Lang
14 – Tamás Berényi
15 – Kristóf Bellusz
18 – Gyuri Dorfi