How did you pass the covid period with your national squad?

The players were very proactive at keeping fit and healthy during the COVID period. They took the initiative to set up regular zoom group workouts during full lockdowns and we got back on the pitch as soon as we were able! 

It has been a while since the last big tournament, has your squad and/or staff changed over time?

There was a great deal of interest at the trials from an unprecedented number of clubs. This meant that we were able to strengthen the squad we took to the World Championships in 2019. The head coach and team manager have remained the same and are looking forward to the trip.

What is your teams’ ambition for the EKC? 

Everybody is excited to be getting out on the pitch after waiting a long time for International Korfball return. Our ambition is to play our best, enjoy ourselves and put on a good show for the spectators! 

Are you familiar with Antwerp, the host city of the EKC? 

Many players have been to Antwerp for previous tournaments either with England or with their clubs. We’re looking forward to seeing the lovely city again and being back at the Lotto Arena.