How did you pass the covid period with your national squad?

There was a long period without korfball and team activity. In June we were able to start with the first reunion and training camp. Since then, we have been working on our physical fitness outside to prepare for proper indoor korfball game.

It has been a while since the last big tournament, has your squad and/or staff changed over time?

Since we have qualified for the World Games next year, we are preparing the team for the Games. For this reason, we had to add several new young athletes to the national team and the European Championships will be the first step to bring this new team together.

What is your teams’ ambition for the EKC?

We focus on in-game performance rather than placement.

Are you familiar with Antwerp, the host city of the EKC?

Yes, we have been there several time for some korfbal events and it is very nice city.  

Any other information you would like to share with the korfball supporters?

We hope all fans will enjoy European korfball and thank you for your support.