– How did you pass the covid period with your national squad?

The Diamonds were fortunate that the Belgian government (via Sport Vlaanderen) gave permission to continue the program. When all other korfball players could not play we could make use of this exceptional situation to train 3 times a week. Only friendly games against other teams were not allowed. The first real game was the match against the Netherlands in June.

– It has been a while since the last big tournament, has your squad and/or staff changed over time?

Our staff has been extended with a physical coach and some new and young players joined the team. 

– What is your teams’ ambition for the EKC?

The Diamonds aim for the highest with attractive korfball and a great team spirit as we showed during the World Championships in Durban.

– Are you familiar with Antwerp, the host city of the EKC?

Antwerp is the city were it all started for korfball in Belgium, so given the fact that our federation exists for 100 years, it is extra special to play a championship in our own country and “home town”.

 – Any other information you would like to share with the korfball supporters?

The World Championships in 2015 was a great event within an extraordinary atmosphere. Let’s go for the same and celebrate that we can finally be together again and play & watch korfball matches at the highest level.

1 – Maite Dewinter (AKC/Luma)
2 – Anke Meganck (Floriant)
5 – Shiara Driesen (Floriant)
7 – Julia Caluwé (PKC/Vertom)
8 – Lauren Denis (Voorwaarts/Molinos)
9 – Saar Seys (Floriant)
21 – Amber Engels (Putse)

12 – Jarre De Ley (AKC/Luma)
13 – Brent Struyf (Boeckenberg)
15 – Arne Beeck (Putse)
16 – Lars Courtens (Floriant)
17 – Jordan de Vogelaere (Boeckenberg)
20 – Jari Hardies (AKC/Luma)
24 – Lennert Impens (Floriant)

Detlef Elewaut: Coach
Johannis Schot: Assistent Coach
Ruben Tirez
Chris Van Riet: Team Manager
Kevin Ongenae: Physio